API Docs for: 3.8.0

io Module

The IO class is a utility that brokers HTTP requests through a simplified interface. Specifically, it allows JavaScript to make HTTP requests to a resource without a page reload. The underlying transport for making same-domain requests is the XMLHttpRequest object. IO can also use Flash, if specified as a transport, for cross-domain requests.

Y.io('/some/url', {
    on: {
        success: function(id, e) {

This module provides the following classes:

This module is a rollup of the following modules:

  • io-base
    Base IO functionality. Provides basic XHR transport support.
  • io-form
    Extends IO to enable HTML form data serialization, when specified in the transaction's configuration object.
  • io-queue
    Extends IO to implement Queue for synchronous transaction processing.
  • io-upload-iframe
    Extends the IO to enable file uploads, with HTML forms using an iframe as the transport medium.
  • io-xdr
    Extends IO to provide an alternate, Flash transport, for making cross-domain requests.