API Docs for: 3.8.0

ComboSplineSeries Class

Module: charts-base
Parent Module: charts

The ComboSplineSeries class renders a combination of splines, plots and areaspline fills in a single series. Each series type has a corresponding boolean attribute indicating if it is rendered. By default, splines and plots are rendered and areaspline is not.

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() protected




Read-only attribute indicating the type of series.

Default: comboSpline

Fires event typeChange

Fires when the value for the configuration attribute type is changed. You can listen for the event using the on method if you wish to be notified before the attribute's value has changed, or using the after method if you wish to be notified after the attribute's value has changed.


  • e EventFacade
    An Event Facade object with the following attribute-specific properties added:
    • prevVal Any
      The value of the attribute, prior to it being set.
    • newVal Any
      The value the attribute is to be set to.
    • attrName String
      The name of the attribute being set.
    • subAttrName String
      If setting a property within the attribute's value, the name of the sub-attribute property being set.